Monday, 11 June 2012

Oman Home 2007


Flag of Madagascar

First international: Sudan 15-0 Oman (1965)

Biggest win: Oman 12-0 Laos (2001)

Biggest loss: Libya 21-0 Oman (1966)

Most capped: Fawzi Bashir (98 caps)

Top scorer: Hani Al-Dhabit (46 goals)

Star player: Ali Al-Hasbi (Wigan Athletic)

The country of Oman is the only FIFA affiliated country that begins with O. That was a pretty useless bit of information but they are home to Wigan goalkeeper Ali Al-Habsi. Based in the middle east they are not one of the bigger footballing nations but it is different seeing an international shirt with sponsorship on.

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