Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lebanon Away 2009


Flag of Lebanon

First international: Palestine 5-1 Lebanon (1940)

Biggest win: Lebanon 11-1 Philippines (1967)

Biggest loss: Qatar 8-0 Lebanon (1985)

Top scorer: Wartar Ghazarian (19 goals)

Star player: Roda Antar (Shandong Luneng)

This shirt is actually quite plain for a football shirt but I still like it. The kit manufacturers A-Line are not very well known for making football kits and I believe this is the only country they have supplied them for.


  1. I quite like the new informations on the teams. Good idea to make the blog more unique !
    Roda Antar is a great choice for the star player for the Lebanon, too. He was pretty good playing in Cologne. I am just happy you did not choose Yosef Mohamad (who played in Cologne, too), because I really hated him :P

  2. I would like to tell that, from the shades to a team crest or logo, crew's soccer shirt is what makes the first impact on competitors. This Lebanon Away 2009 soccer shirt is looking very nice in white color.
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  3. I want to buy a Lebanon-kit. But I can't find any site that sells them. Where did you buy it?

  4. Hello! Do you still have this shirt? Would you accept a good offer on it? Please, answer me at rafaeljordao1974@gmail.com, Kind regards, Rafael