Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mauritius Away ?

Flag of Mauritius

First international: Mauritius 2-1 Reunion (1947)

Biggest win: Mauritius 15-2 Reunion (1950)

Biggest loss: Senegal 7-0 Mauritius (2010)

Star player: Jimmy Cundasamy (Stade Tamponnaise)

Now I am not sure if this is ever a shirt worn by the players or just a fan shirt but it was cheap so it will do for me. It is hard to find a lot of pictures of the Mauritian team in action and hard to probably identify an official Mauritius shirt. Mauritius relies a lot on tourism as many people go on holiday to the country so you sometimes see Mauritius shirts on eBay but it is hard to define the authenticity of the shirt. It looks nice anyway and will do for a kick around down the local field if it isn't authentic I guess. 

But if anyone knows anything more about the shirt then let me know.


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  2. Hi! I've got the same Mauritius jersey...bought in Mauritius! The Home jersey is white... and could be a Mauritius kit of mid 2000's...maybe 2007...

  3. Hi! I have been looking for a Mauritian football shirt for years, is there any chance I could buy this off you? My family are from Mauritius but it is so hard to find a shirt for sale anywhere!!! If you could help that would be amazing. Please email me either way. Jack