Monday, 2 December 2013

Anguilla Home 2012

Anguilla-08-11-DRAKO-home-kit-light blue-light blue-white-line-up.jpg 
What a cool team photo from the Anguillan's. 

Flag of Anguilla 

First international: Anguilla 1-1 Montserrat (1991)

Biggest win: Anguilla 4-1 Montserrat (2001)

Biggest loss: Guyana 14-0 Anguilla (1998)

Most caps: Girdon Connor (17 caps)

Top scorer: Richard O'Conner (5 goals)

Star player: I have no idea 

 This is a rather rare and cool design for a football shirt. The dolphins for me around the number 9 on the shirt make it for me. Although their shirt is quite good, their football team is not. They have never qualified for any major tournament and have only reached a highest ranking of 189 which in fairness is not very good. Anyway they often lose a lot in World Cup qualifying but let me show you a video of the Anguilla team in action in possibly one of the wettest football matches I have ever seen. Remember Poland and England getting called off for a waterlogged pitch? It had nothing on this and this match carried on. You'll soon see from the video the poor quality of football from the Anguillan's though. 

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  1. I like the design on around the number on the font of the football shirt. It is a cool football shirt.