Saturday, 28 July 2012

Jamaica Home 1998

Flag of Jamaica

First international: Haiti 1-2 Jamaica (1925)

Biggest win: Jamaica 12-0 British Virgin Islands (1994)

Biggest loss: Mexico 8-0 Jamaica (1963 and 1965)

Most capped: Ian Goodison (120 caps)

Top scorer: Luton Shelton (33 goals)

Star player: Ricardo Fuller (Charlton Athletic)

This shirt was worn during Jamaica's only ever world cup. Jamaica now are probably more well known for their bobsleigh team and if you haven't seen the movie "Cool Runnings" about the Jamaican bobsleigh team then you really should. Everyone recently wanted to be Jamaican after their success in the 100 metre sprint at the Olympics with Usain Bolt winning the gold medal again. Jamaica have only ever qualified once for the world cup in 1998 where they wore this shirt.

South Africa Home 1998

Flag of South Africa

First international: Netherlands 2-1 South Africa (1924)

Biggest win: Australia 0-8 South Africa (1955)

Biggest loss: Australia 5-1 South Africa (1947)

Most capped: Aaron Mokoena (107 caps)

Top scorer: Benni McCarthy (32 goals)

Star player: Steven Pienaar (Everton FC)

South Africa have won one African Nations Cup in 1996 and have qualified for 3 World Cups. This shirt was worn during the 1998 World Cup in which they qualified for it for the first time with players like Mark Fish and Lucas Radebe.

Slovenia Home 2004


Flag of Slovenia

First international: Estonia 1-1 Slovenia (1992)

Biggest win: Oman 0-7 Slovenia (1999)

Biggest loss: France 5-0 Slovenia (2002)

Most capped: Zlatko Zahovic (80 caps)

Top scorer: Zlatko Zahovic (35 goals)

Star player: Valter Birsa (Genoa FC)

Slovenia have qualified for 2 world cups and 1 European championship. Slovenia in both world cups were knocked out in the group stages.

Chad Home 2012

Flag of Chad

First international: Liberia 2-1 Chad (1963)

Biggest win: Chad 5-0 Sao Tome and Principe (1976)

Biggest loss: Tunisia 5-0 Chad (2011)

This shirt for some reason does not have a manufacturers logo on the front like the majority of football shirts but I've been told that plays of the Chad national team have said it is official. The shirt came from another shirt collector called Sascha whose collection you can see by clicking on the link at the bottom right of this blog.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Faroe Islands Home 2011

Faroe Islands-10-11-adidas-home-kit-white-blue-blue-pose.jpg

Flag of Faroe Islands

First international: Shetland 5-1 Faroe Islands (1930)

Biggest win: Faroe Islands 3-0 San Marino (1995)

Biggest loss: Iceland 9-0 Faroe Islands (1985)

Most capped: Oli Johannesen (83 caps)

Top scorer:  Rogvi Jacobsen (10 goals)

Star player: Gunnar Nielsen (Manchester City FC)

Faroe Islands is a small country just above Scotland. Their main source of income to the country is through their fishing business which is very big over there. In 1992 Faroe Islands reached 94th in the FIFA world rankings but nowadays they sit towards the bottom of the 209 FIFA teams.

USA Home 2008

Flag of USA

First international: Sweden 2-3 USA (1926)

Biggest win: USA 8-0 Barbados (2008)

Biggest loss: Norway 11-0 USA (1948)

Most capped: Cobi Jones (164 caps)

Top scorer: Landon Donovan (49 goals)

Star player: Michael Bradley (AS Roma)

The United States are probably more famous for their American sports such as baseball, ice hockey, basketball and American football but the game of soccer has become more popular in the last few years in the USA. It is apparently the most played sport in the country now and is attracting more and more fans to games. USA have 4 Gold Cup wins to their name and shocked most people by beating Spain in the 2009 Confederations Cup before losing in the final.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ghana Home 1994

Flag of Ghana

First international: Ghana 1-0 Nigeria (1950)

Biggest win: Kenya 0-13 Ghana (1965)

Biggest loss: Bulgaria 10-0 Ghana (1968)

Most capped: Richard Kingson (90 caps)

Top scorer: Abedi Pele (33 caps)

Star player: Asamoah Gyan (Al-Ain)

This is one of the wonderfully designed football shirts from the early 90's. Although their is no badge on the shirt of Ghana, if you look at pictures you'll see that at the time they did not wear a badge on the kit so this shirt is authentic. Around this time Abedi Pele played for Ghana who you may notice from the Classic XI on a few of the games within the FIFA series. A very unique shirt that I now own.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Solomon Islands

Flag of Solomon Islands

First international: Solomon Islands 6-3 New Hebrides (1963)

Biggest win: Solomon Islands 17-0 Wallis and Futuna

Biggest loss: French Polynesia 18-0 Solomon Islands (1963)

Star player: Benjamin Totori (Wellington Pheonix FC)

Solomon Islands came 2nd in the OFC cup in 2004 which shocked everyone as they all expected New Zealand to come 2nd. Unfortunately for them Australia were much better and won the 2 legged final 11-1 on aggregate.


Flag of Vanuatu

First international: New Zealand 9-0 Vanuatu (1951)

Biggest win: Vanuatu 18-0 Kiribati (2003)

Biggest loss: New Zeland 9-0 Vanuatu (1951)

Vanuatu's biggest achievement is a semi final in the OFC cup, apart from that they have not done much at all.

American Samoa 2012

                                              Flag of American Samoa

First international: Tonga 3-0 Am.Samoa (1998)

Biggest win: Am.Samoa 2-1 Tonga (2011)

Biggest loss: Am.Samoa 0-31 Australia (2001)

Most capped: Nicky Salapu (17 caps)

Top scorer: Shalom Luani and Ramin Ott (2 goals)

Star player: Natia Natia 

American Samoa are probably known to be the worst country in football that are FIFA recognised but that is no longer the case. Ironically it took them 31 games to get their first win which is the same amount of goals Australia scored against them in one game. Because of this one win they have shot up to 182nd in the FIFA rankings instead of remaining at the bottom with everyone else. I highly doubt we will be seeing them move up much higher than that though.

Cook Islands Home 2012

Flag of Cook Islands

First international: Tahiti 30-0 Cook Islands (1971)

Biggest win: Cook Islands 4-1 Tuvalu (2007)

Biggest loss: Tahiti 30-0 Cook Islands (1971)

Most capped: Tony Jamieson (31 caps)

Top scorer: Campbell Best (3 goals)

Star player: Kundamundi Tom (Yoro FC)

Cook Islands has a population of around 24,000 making it one of the smallest FIFA affiliated nations. Although it is estimated that 100,000 people each year visit the country. It is made up of 15 different islands but in all honesty they are not very good at football compared to other countries. Maybe one day that will change.

Papua New Guinea Home 2012

Flag of PNG

First international: Fiji 3-1 Papua New Guinea (1963)

Biggest win: Papua New Guinea 20-0 Am.Samoa (1987)

Biggest loss: Australia 11-2 Papua New Guinea (1980)

Star player: Mauri Wasi (Waitakere United)

Papua New Guinea's biggest victory came against American Samoa. The game finished 20-0. These Oceanian games seem rather exciting and one sided. They've made 3 OFC cup appearances in their life times. England ashes winning wicket keeper Geraint Jones was in fact born in Papua New Guinea and now represents them in T20 cricket.

Samoa Home 2012

Flag of Samoa

First international: Wallis and Futuna 3-1 Samoa (1979)

Biggest win: Samoa 8-0 Am.Samoa (2001)

Biggest loss: Tahiti 13-0 Samoa (1981)

Samoa are probably famous for being the national that WWE wrestler The Rock comes from. In the footballing world they are not so good though but Tim Cahill's brother does play for the national side. Samoa's national sports are rugby, American football and baseball meaning they do not put much effort into football and it shows.

Fiji Home 2012


Flag of Fiji

First international: Fiji 4-6 New Zealand (1951)

Biggest win: Fiji 24-0 Kiribati (1979)

Biggest loss: New Zealand 13-0 Fiji (1981)

Most capped: Taniela Waqa (32 caps)

Top scorer: Roy Krishna (14 goals)

Star player: Roy Krishna (Waitakere United)

Fiji as a nation have made the OFC cup semi final 4 times but cannot seem to get into the final. Maybe next time.


Flag of Tonga

First international: Tahiti 8-0 Tonga (1979)

Biggest win: Tonga 7-0 Micronesia (2003)

Biggest loss: Australia 22-0 Tonga (2001)

Tonga have recently started the second goal project where they aim to improve football in the country. Tonga are not one of the better nations in Oceania but hopefully this project helps them improve a bit.

CF Benidorm Home 2011

CF Benidorm have now unfortunately folded as a football club as they could not afford to keep it running. Benidorm to most English people is known as a cheap holiday place to go to and also here in England there is a successful comedy series about the place. The shirts were going for pretty cheap so I decided to buy a few for my 5 a-side team and this will be the new shirt for my team.

Friday, 13 July 2012

England Away 1996

England after losing on penalties to Germany

Flag of England

First international: Scotland 0-0 England (1872)

Biggest win: Ireland 0-13 England (1882)

Biggest loss: Hungary 7-1 England (1954)

Most capped: Peter Shilton (125 caps)

Top scorer: Bobby Charlton (49 goals)

Star player: Wayne Rooney (Manchester United FC)

I finally got this shirt after being outbid on ebay for quite a lot of these. This shirt was worn during Euro 96 when England hosted the tournament and got to the semi final. Unfortunately England's downfall again was a penalty shootout in which Gareth Southgate missed from the spot leaving Germany to score and then go on to win the whole tournament. If only Gascoigne had slightly longer legs then England would of won but it wasn't meant to be.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Turkey Away 2008

Flag of Turkey

First international: Turkey 2-2 Romania (1923)

Biggest win: Turkey 7-0 Syria (1949)

Biggest loss: England 8-0 Turkey (1987)

Most capped: Rustu Recber (120 caps)

Top scorer: Hakan Sukur (51 goals)

Star player: Arda Turan (Atletico Madrid)

This in my opinion is the best Turkey shirt that they have had. It is a bit strange though as Turkey often never wore light blue on a kit but it goes very well with this shirt. In Euro 2008 Turkey managed to get through to the semi finals but only lead for about 5 minutes in the whole tournament with a lot of late goals scored. Did you know Turkey have never scored a goal against England in 8 matches?