Friday, 31 August 2012

Panama Home 2005

File:Flag of Panama.svg
Flag of Panama

First international: Panama 2-2 Mexico (1937)

Biggest win: Panama 12-0 Puerto Rico (1946)

Biggest loss: Panama 0-11 Costa Rico (1938)

Top scorer: Luis Tejeda (34 goals)

Star player: Luis Tejeda (Juan Aurich)

Panama have competed in the CONCACAF Gold Cup 5 times and surprisingly reached the final in 2005 and in last year they reached the semi final. I remember watching the 2011 Gold Cup semi final and USA dominated the game and in the end managed to break through Panama's strong defence with Freddy Adu releasing Donovan before Clint Dempsey tapped in at the back post for a 1-0 win. I had a bet on the game which needed Mexico and USA to win to come through, Mexico did win, but not in normal time so I did not win and I was rather annoyed with Mexico after that. Panama currently sit 52nd in the world rankings and are often quite a good defensive unit. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Morelia Home

I don't really know much about Mexican football apart from that all their shirts have a large amount of sponsors on which you can see here.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lebanon Away 2009


Flag of Lebanon

First international: Palestine 5-1 Lebanon (1940)

Biggest win: Lebanon 11-1 Philippines (1967)

Biggest loss: Qatar 8-0 Lebanon (1985)

Top scorer: Wartar Ghazarian (19 goals)

Star player: Roda Antar (Shandong Luneng)

This shirt is actually quite plain for a football shirt but I still like it. The kit manufacturers A-Line are not very well known for making football kits and I believe this is the only country they have supplied them for.

Russia Home 2012


Flag of Russia

First international: Russia 2-0 Mexico (1992)

Biggest win: San Marino 0-7 Russia (1995)

Biggest loss: Portugal 7-1 Russia (2004)

Most capped: Viktor Onopko (109 caps)

Top scorer: Vladimir Beschastnykh (26 goals)

Star player: Alan Dzagoev (CSKA Moscow)

This for me was the best shirt of Euro 2012. It's a very nice design from Adidas and makes a change to the standard templates they give other countries. Although Russia started very well they were shocked when Greece beat them to go through to the quarter finals as was everyone else watching the tournament. They won the European Championship in 1960 but not under the name of Russia. They qualified for Euro 2008 in place of England.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Liverpool 3rd 2012

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Suarez celebrating his goals vs Norwich in the kit

I really like this 3rd kit. It is really not as bad as people all expected it to be. It is quite a nice shade of purple and makes a difference to your average Adidas template for kits nowadays.

Czech Republic Home 2012

Flag of Czech Republic

First international: Turkey 1-4 Czech Republic (1994)

Biggest win: Czech Republic 8-1 Andorra (2005)

Biggest loss: Russia 4-1 Czech Republic (2012)

Most capped: Karel Poborsky (118 caps)

Top scorer: Jan Koller (55 goals)

Star player: Jaroslav Plasil (Bordeaux)

Czech Republic's biggest achievement is getting to the Euro 96 final before losing out 2-1 to Germany. They were formerly known as Czechoslovakia but since their name change they have only made it to one World Cup despite being named as the 2nd best team in the World according to the FIFA rankings.

Ukraine Home 2012

Flag of Ukraine

First international: Ukraine 1-3 Hungary (1992)

Biggest win: Ukraine 6-0 Azerbaijan (2006)

Biggest loss: Spain 4-0 Ukraine (2006)

Most capped: Anatoliy Tymoschuk (120 caps)

Top scorer: Andriy Shevchenko (48 goals)

Star player: Anatoliy Tymoschuk (Bayern Munchen)

Ukraine got to the 2006 world cup quarter final in their first ever appearance before losing 3-0 to eventual champions Italy. Ukraine were joint hosts with Poland for this years European championships where they went out in the group stage despite being unlucky to have a goal not counted even though it went over the line.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Portugal Home 1999

Portugal-98-99-NIKE-unform-dark red-green-dark red.JPG

Flag of Portugal

First international: Spain 3-1 Portugal (1921)

Biggest win: Portugal 8-0 Kuwait (2003)

Biggest loss: Portugal 0-10 England (1947)

Most capped: Luis Figo (127 caps)

Top scorer: Pauleta (47 goals)

Star player: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid CF)

Portugal first broke onto the scene during the 1966 World Cup where they finished 3rd. Eusebio was their main man and became a legend in the process for Portugal over the next few years but did you know he was born in Mozambique? So was Abel Xavier to but he wasn't as legendary. Portugal were expected to win the 2004 Euro final quite easily in their own country but Greece had other ideas and shocked everyone by winning the tournament. Now they seem to regularly progress to the knock out rounds of tournaments.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Iraq Away 2009

Flag of Iraq

First international: Morocco 3-3 Iraq (1957)

Biggest win: Iraq 10-1 Bahrain (1966)

Biggest loss: Germany 5-0 Iraq (1970)

Most capped: Hussein Saeed (126 caps)

Top scorer: Hussein Saeed (61 caps)

Star player: Nashat Akram (Malaga CF)

Although not many people know of Iraq being a good footballing nation in the world they have actually won the 2007 Asian cup which is a big achievement for them. Most other times they get around the quarter final stage. Nashat Akram is their only player that people may know as he know plays for Malaga.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Uganda Home 2012

Flag of Uganda

First international: Kenya 1-1 Uganda (1926)

Biggest win: Uganda 13-1 Kenya (1932)

Biggest loss: Egypt 6-0 Uganda (1995)

Star player: Martin Mutumba (AIK)

Uganda are currently ranked 85th in the world but have never really been a huge force within football. Their best footballing achievement is a second place finish in the African Cup of Nations in 1978 but since then they have not managed to qualify for the tournament. This could all now change as Uganda will be facing Zambia over two legs to see who qualifies for the 2013 African Cup of Nations so keep a lookout for them.
From looking at their squad I can honestly say I do not recognise any of the players but then you might want to look for yourselves and see if you know anyone. This shirt came from Uganda itself and I have to thank my American friend that managed to find it in Uganda.