Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Uganda Home 2012

Flag of Uganda

First international: Kenya 1-1 Uganda (1926)

Biggest win: Uganda 13-1 Kenya (1932)

Biggest loss: Egypt 6-0 Uganda (1995)

Star player: Martin Mutumba (AIK)

Uganda are currently ranked 85th in the world but have never really been a huge force within football. Their best footballing achievement is a second place finish in the African Cup of Nations in 1978 but since then they have not managed to qualify for the tournament. This could all now change as Uganda will be facing Zambia over two legs to see who qualifies for the 2013 African Cup of Nations so keep a lookout for them.
From looking at their squad I can honestly say I do not recognise any of the players but then you might want to look for yourselves and see if you know anyone. This shirt came from Uganda itself and I have to thank my American friend that managed to find it in Uganda.


  1. Emmanuel Okwi is our 19 year old starlet... with the potential of playing in a top European league someday.

  2. Hello! Do you still have this shirt? Would you accept a good offer on it? Please, answer me at, Kind regards, Rafael