Friday, 28 September 2012

Liverpool 3rd 1994-1996


Now this is probably the worst Liverpool shirt ever made, but to me no shirt can be considered ugly in my mind. To me the shirt is "unique" as you don't see any other shirts like it so I'm happy to add it into my collection of Liverpool shirts.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Somalia Home 2012

Flag of Somalia  

First international: North Korea 14-0 Somalia (1963)

Biggest win: Somalia 5-2 Mauritania (1985)

Biggest loss: North Korea 14-0 Somalia (1963)

Star player: Eisa Aden Abshir (Elverum IL) 

Because of the on going civil war in their country, Somalia cannot currently play any home games within the country. They've never qualified for a World Cup before and sit towards the bottom of the FIFA rankings. I do not have a picture of the shirt in action but I believe it will be worn in one of the upcoming tournaments. For me Somalia is best known as the birthplace for Olympic double gold medal winner Mo Farah and world wide singer K'Naan. It recently has been known for having Somali pirates which have in the past few years been taking people hostage for ransom money. 

I have to thank my German friend Sascha for finding the shirt and you can look at his collection by clicking on the link at the bottom right of this page.


Liverpool Away 2010-2011

Paul Konchesky wearing the shirt against Manchester United. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Singapore Away 2008

The Singapore team in action. A few of them don't look very Singaporean to me.

Flag of Singapore

First international: Singapore 2-3 South Korea (1953)

Biggest win: Singapore 11-0 Laos (2007)

Biggest loss: Burma 8-0 Singapore (1969)

Most capped: Aide Iskandar (121 caps)

Top scorer: Fandi Ahmad (52 goals)

Star player: Daniel Bennett (Singapore Armed Forces) 

Singapore have only ever qualified for the Asian Cup once in their football days. It didn't last long as they went out in the first round but surprisingly they were the only team in the tournament to beat the 2007 champions Iraq. Singapore over the years have included naturalised citizens in their team such as Aleksandar Duric and Mustafic Fahrudin from Serbia, Daniel Bennett from England and Shi Jiayi and Qiu Li from China.

For the 2014 World Cup qualification they got knocked out in the 3rd round group stages losing all 6 games in a group of Iraq, China and Jordan in.

Liverpool Away 1995-1996

Shirt in action in a match against Aston Villa

This shirt was worn during the 1996 FA Cup final which unfortunately Liverpool lost. The final to most fans is probably more well known for the suits Liverpool wore on that match, if you haven't seen them before then Google Liverpool's 1996 FA Cup final suits to see what I am on about. It's still a nice shirt though and adds to my current collection of Liverpool shirts. 

Liverpool Away 1992-1993

 Liverpool players celebrating a goal in the shirt

Thanks to one of my followers on Twitter I managed to get this shirt and he even threw in a pair of the home centenary socks so happy days. The shirt marks 100 years of Liverpool football club which you can see from the badge. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mauritius Away ?

Flag of Mauritius

First international: Mauritius 2-1 Reunion (1947)

Biggest win: Mauritius 15-2 Reunion (1950)

Biggest loss: Senegal 7-0 Mauritius (2010)

Star player: Jimmy Cundasamy (Stade Tamponnaise)

Now I am not sure if this is ever a shirt worn by the players or just a fan shirt but it was cheap so it will do for me. It is hard to find a lot of pictures of the Mauritian team in action and hard to probably identify an official Mauritius shirt. Mauritius relies a lot on tourism as many people go on holiday to the country so you sometimes see Mauritius shirts on eBay but it is hard to define the authenticity of the shirt. It looks nice anyway and will do for a kick around down the local field if it isn't authentic I guess. 

But if anyone knows anything more about the shirt then let me know.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Andorra Matchworn Home 2012

Flag of Andorra

First international: Andorra 1-6 Estonia (1996)

Biggest win: Andorra 2-0 Belarus (2000)

Biggest loss: Czech Republic 8-1 Andorra (2005)

Most capped: Oscar Sonejee (90 caps)

Top scorer: Ildefons Lima (7 goals)

Star player: Ildefons Lima (FC Andorra)

This shirt was matchworn in a recent friendly against Poland. If you have watched Andorra before you may realise that the shade of blue they are wearing in this friendly is a lot darker than the usual shade of blue they use. This kit is usually reserved for the under 21 side but Andorra were waiting for new kits and had ran out of the lighter blue shade kits so they used these instead. The number 16 of Andorra was a player called Cristian Martinez who played centre back in the game which ended 4-0 to Poland. As you can see the badge of Andorra on this shirt is a sort of felt material which is supposedly there to create more comfort when the players are playing instead of the usual you see on a replica with an embroidered badge. 
 Andorra's top scorer Ildefons Lima is actually a defender which makes it slightly weirder when you think he is the top scorer as I doubt there are many defenders out there that are top scorer for their country. In their history they have only ever won one competitive match which was a 1-0 win over Macedonia in a world cup qualifier. England recently played them and beat them 6-0 at Wembley which I did go to and I have to say Andorra were not a very good side but they are only a small country sandwhiched between France and Spain with an estimated population of 85,000 so what can you expect from them really? 

I also have an Andorran national team jacket as well which you can see here

Curacao Home 2012

Flag of Curacao

First international: Aruba 0-4 Curacao (1924)

Biggest win: Curacao 14-0 Puerto Rico (1948)

Biggest loss: Netherlands 8-1 Curacao (1948)

Star player: Shanon Carmelia (NEC)

If you know your countries you may think how was Curacao's first international back in 1924 when they've only recently formed as a new country? Well FIFA said as they are taking over from Netherlands Antilles they have to take the ranking and records that Netherlands Antilles had before. Under the name Curacao they have only been playing football since 2011. Curacao does not have any stars in the footballing world but  Churandy Martina who represented Netherlands at the Olympics in the 100m sprint comes from Curacao.

You can now purchase the shirt from this online shop

Cape Verde Home 2012

File:Flag of Cape Verde.svg
Flag of Cape Verde

First international: Guinea-Bissau 3-0 Cape Verde (1979)

Biggest win: Cape Verde 5-0 Equatorial Guinea (2009)

Biggest loss: Senegal 5-1 Cape Verde (1981)

Star player: Ze Luis (Braga)

Cape Verde is a small batch of islands just of the coast of west Africa. It currently is estimated to have a population of 500,000 and it probably won't come as a surprise to you that they've never qualified for a World Cup or African Nations Cup although that could soon change as they currently hold a 2-0 advantage from the first leg of their AFCON final qualifying round. Although Cape Verde are not a dominant force in world football they have produced some pretty impressive players but the majority of them decided to represent Portugal instead. Players like Nani, Rolando, Manuel Fernandes, Eliseu, Varela, Patrick Vieira and Henrik Larsson all could of represented Cape Verde but chose to play for other countries. 
 Their biggest achievement to date is probably drawing 0-0 in a friendly with Portugal despite 110 places in the rankings separating them at the time.

You can purchase the shirt at this online shop

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Heerenveen Home 2011

I mainly focus on buying international shirts at the moment but when I saw this one I just had to buy it. I mean how many shirts do you know that has tulips on? Heerenveen are a Dutch side that play in the Eiredivisie. The shirt has the name of Oussama Assaidi who has now transferred to the premier league to play with Liverpool but he was there last season and this being last season's shirt means it is okay to have his name on the back. You may remember a while ago Alfonso Alves at Middlesborough. Well he transferred from Heerenveen to Middlesborough and famously scored 8 goals in 1 game whilst at Heerenveen. People of Birmingham may recognise Daniel De Ridder and Gianni Zuiverloon that now play for Heerenveen as they both used to play for midlands clubs. 
 They have never won the Dutch title but in 2000 they did come runners up and to this day that is their best achievement but I just really like the shirt. Even the official licensed product label is cool.