Tuesday, 17 December 2013

DR Congo Home 2013



First international: Belgian Congo 3-2 Northern Rhodesia (1948)

Biggest win: DR Congo 10-1 Zambia (1969)

Biggest loss: Yugoslavia 9-0 Zaire (1974)

Top scorer: Shabani Nonda (14 goals)

Star player: Youssouf Mulumbu (West Brom)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

La Hoya Lorca Home 2013





I'll be honest, I had never heard of La Hoya Lorca until they released this crazy kit. La Hoya Lorca play in the Segunda Division B - Group 4 and are based in the community of Murcia. Lorca is famous for growing broccoli which is why they based their kit design on it. I have to say it is one of the most uniquely designed shirts I own.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Sao Tome and Principe Home 2012



Flag of Sao Tome and Principe 

First international: Chad 5-0 Sao Tome and Principe (1976)

Biggest win: Sao Tome and Principe 2-0 Eq Guinea (1999)

Biggest loss:  Congo 11-0 Sao Tome and Principe (1976) 

If you want to learn more about the football team then go to their Wikipedia page 


Anguilla Home 2012

Anguilla-08-11-DRAKO-home-kit-light blue-light blue-white-line-up.jpg 
What a cool team photo from the Anguillan's. 

Flag of Anguilla 

First international: Anguilla 1-1 Montserrat (1991)

Biggest win: Anguilla 4-1 Montserrat (2001)

Biggest loss: Guyana 14-0 Anguilla (1998)

Most caps: Girdon Connor (17 caps)

Top scorer: Richard O'Conner (5 goals)

Star player: I have no idea 

 This is a rather rare and cool design for a football shirt. The dolphins for me around the number 9 on the shirt make it for me. Although their shirt is quite good, their football team is not. They have never qualified for any major tournament and have only reached a highest ranking of 189 which in fairness is not very good. Anyway they often lose a lot in World Cup qualifying but let me show you a video of the Anguilla team in action in possibly one of the wettest football matches I have ever seen. Remember Poland and England getting called off for a waterlogged pitch? It had nothing on this and this match carried on. You'll soon see from the video the poor quality of football from the Anguillan's though. 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Lyon 3rd 2012



This is the first 3D shirt I have ever bought and it even came with 3D glasses. I am not sure what made Lyon decide a 3D shirt was needed but the design itself is pretty cool and it does come out 3D when you put the glasses on. 

Poland Home 2012




Flag of Poland 

First international: Hungary 1-0 Poland (1921)

Biggest win: Poland 10-0 San Marino (2009)

Biggest loss: Denmark 8-0 Poland (1948)

Most caps: Michel Zewlakow (102 caps)

Top scorer: Wlodzmierz Lubanski (48 goals)

Star man: Robert Lewandowski 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Seattle Sounders Third 2013

Djimi Traore in action

As you can probably guess from the amount of Liverpool shirts I have, I am in fact a Liverpool fan. Djimi Traore was the left back for Liverpool when Liverpool beat AC Milan on penalties in that famous comeback from 3-0 down. If it wasn't for Traore clearing one off the line then Liverpool may not have won that night. Djimi Traore has become a sort of cult hero for Liverpool fans, well for me he has. He was quite good off the ball at tackling but then his clumsiness on the ball did let him down quite a lot. One of his famous clumsy moments is his own goal against Burnley which knocked Liverpool out of the FA Cup 3rd round. On the other hand Djimi Traore at the start of his Seattle Sounders career scored one of the best volleys you'll see from a left back. When you realise it was Djimi Traore that scored the goal you just have to look in amazement at it. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Toulouse Home 2012

Corinthians Home 2012





This shirt was worn by Corinthians in the 2012 Club World Championship final when Corinthians defeated Chelsea. Paulinho has now transferred to Tottenham since winning the CWC with Corinthians and has made an impressive start so far. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Barcelona Away 2013


This is the first season Barcelona have ever worn the colour of the Catalonia flag on one of their kits which is the region Barcelona is based in. I personally think it is a nice kit and it has the name of Andres Iniesta on the back who in fact is my favourite Barcelona player. I'm not one to follow the trend and jump on the Messi bandwagon although he also is very good.

Flag of Catalonia

Barcelona Home 2005

Ivory Coast Home 2006


As you can probably see from my blog posts you can tell that I am indeed a Liverpool fan. Also if you follow football you will also notice that Liverpool got Kolo Toure on a free transfer this season. Kolo Toure has instantly became a fans favourite at the club with a string of impressive performances and just generally being a legend and all that. This then made me go out and buy an Ivory Coast shirt with Kolo Toure on the back. It just had to be done. 


and here's a picture of Kolo Toure to cheer you up if you ever feel down.