Wednesday, 30 January 2013

CSKA Moscow Home 2011


This shirt came from Moscow itself thanks to someone I managed to find on Facebook. The shirt also came with some mini card with a player on but because the name is in Russian I am not really sure who that player is. If it's not Dzagoev then I am not going to know them. The shirt is a nice design though and fits nicely.

If you want to know more about the club then go to this link.

Zanzibar Home 2011



First international: Zanzibar 3-2 Kenya (1949)

Biggest win: Zanzibar 6-0 Raetia (2012)

Biggest loss: Kenya 10-0 Zanzibar (1961)

I do not know much about the Zanzibar football team so let me just paste you what Wikipedia says as I am being lazy.

Gibraltar Away 2010



First international: Sevilla 2-0 Gibraltar (1923)

Biggest win: Gibraltar 19-0 Sark (2003)

Biggest loss: Greenland 5-0 Gibraltar (1993)

Most capped: Lee Casciaro

Top scorer: Lee Casciaro  

Gibraltar are currently in the process of applying to FIFA so they can compete in the World Cup qualification like all the other 209 FIFA nations. They have beaten Faroe Islands 3-0 before so they are better than you would think. Keep an eye in the future to see if they get accepted by FIFA which hopefully will be soon. In the summer for pre-season friendlies they managed to beat Notts County and Portsmouth.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Moldova Home 2011



First international: Moldova 2-4 Georgia (1991)

Biggest win: Moldova 5-0 Pakistan (1992)

Biggest loss: Sweden 6-0 Moldova (2001)

Most capped: Radu Rebeja (74 caps)

Top scorer: Serghei Clescenco (11 goals)

Star player: Alexandru Gatcan (Rostov FC)

Moldova was formed after the break up of the Soviet Union and then played their first international match in 1991 which they lost to Georgia. They have not been a dominant footballing nation over the last 21 years having not qualified for any major tournamentss but still have a few interesting facts about them. 

To start with, probably the most famous footballer David Beckham started his international career against Moldova. After England then beat the Moldovans 4-0 it inspired a British writer and comedian called Tony Hawks (no, not the skateboarder) to travel to Moldova and play the starting eleven at a game of tennis. You can read a bit more about the book and film called "Playing the Moldovans at tennis" here.

Moldovan football was also at the heart of a hoax once before to. The Times newspaper published a list of the top 50 youngsters in world football and at number 30 was a Moldovan prodigy called Masal Bugduv. This guy was reported to be moving to Arsenal at the age of 16 before it was all revealed that he was not even a real person. You can also read a bit more about that story here.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Portland Timbers Home 2012

Timbers celebrating in a rather weird way. 

I do not really know much about Portland Timbers apart from the fact that they have a nice shirt or jersey if you are American. So as I am feeling lazy here is the link to their Wikipedia page where you can find out more.