Monday, 16 September 2013

Barcelona Away 2013


This is the first season Barcelona have ever worn the colour of the Catalonia flag on one of their kits which is the region Barcelona is based in. I personally think it is a nice kit and it has the name of Andres Iniesta on the back who in fact is my favourite Barcelona player. I'm not one to follow the trend and jump on the Messi bandwagon although he also is very good.

Flag of Catalonia

Barcelona Home 2005

Ivory Coast Home 2006


As you can probably see from my blog posts you can tell that I am indeed a Liverpool fan. Also if you follow football you will also notice that Liverpool got Kolo Toure on a free transfer this season. Kolo Toure has instantly became a fans favourite at the club with a string of impressive performances and just generally being a legend and all that. This then made me go out and buy an Ivory Coast shirt with Kolo Toure on the back. It just had to be done. 


and here's a picture of Kolo Toure to cheer you up if you ever feel down.