Monday, 3 November 2014

Colomobia Home 2014

Colombia probably came to most people's attention during this years World Cup. Everyone knew they had Falcao but when he was ruled out of the World Cup most people were quick to diminish Colombia's chances. Of course they were never going to win it but a good style of football to watch captured the hearts of many and one player shone under the limelight. That player was James Rodriguez who later signed for Real Madrid for £61m because of his performances at the World Cup. That also being one of the main reasons I bought this shirt and that it looks nice.

Porto Home Shirt 2014

Warrior started making football shirts around 2 seasons ago now having signed a multi million pound deal with Liverpool. Since then Warrior have been used by other teams to design their kits such as Sevilla and now this season Porto have jumped on the bandwagon. Warrior seem to put some thought into their kits and have a different variety of kits compared to the boring Adidas and Nike templates but whether that is a good or bad thing I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Ferencvaros Home Shirt 2013

This shirt is pretty plain and boring from Nike but it was a gift to me by someone who went to Hungary for the weekend so I cannot complain with a free shirt.

Galatasaray Away Shirt 2013

This was picked up from the ever so reputable Classic Football Shirts. I needed a new white shirt for my 5 a-side football team and this one looked the best for me. Not much more to say about the shirt.